Hi, we’re Hazel and Luke.

Certified Time and Mindset Coaches, co-founders of Everyday Impact and a wife and husband team.

We use the power of time and mindset coaching to help busy, purposeful people create more time and impact in their lives.

We've been fortunate to plan and execute remote expeditions and adventure challenges, and overcome life-threatening medical conditions.

In our careers we've worked for fast-paced consultancies, led international teams on sustainability projects for global businesses, and managed projects for UN Environment, before retraining as professional coaches.

Through these experiences we've learned how to create time for what matters - and overcome all the challenges in doing do.

And we know that understanding your mind and dealing with your emotions in a healthy way is key to building resilience and wellbeing, and to helping you reach goals and have fun along the way.

Through adopting and implementing the tools and techniques that enable us to master our mindset, we’ve transformed our lives.

Let us help you transform yours.

Meet Hazel

I’ve planned and executed expeditions to remote parts of the world such as Alaska and the Arctic to raise awareness of key issues, including how a changing climate is affecting our world; the environment, the wildlife and the people that live in it. I’ve taken part in adventure challenges that challenged me both mentally and physically, and I’ve worked towards my passion of making a positive difference in the world.

One thing I’ve learned from these expeditions is how important mindset is. When I was on on day 10 of skiing solo across Hardangervidda and woke up to deep snow that was going to make the next hill take most of the day to climb - or when Luke and I (and our kayaks) were stuck on a tiny island in the Pacific Ocean with torrential rain for the 4th day in a row - thinking “I quit” or “I can’t do this” is not really an option. It induces a sense of helplessness and feeling stuck.

What I discovered from these experiences is that this type of suffering is completely optional. Instead, being aware of what I was thinking and then training my brain to think thoughts helpful to the situation was one of the most powerful things I could do on expedition, rather than coming from a place of fear and doubt that would keep me from making progress.

It was only in the last few years that I made the connection of how this directly applies not only to expeditions, but to everyday life, with all its challenges and opportunities. What we think - how we think about things - affects every single part of our lives: how we feel, how we interact with others and ultimately what we create.

Since then, I’ve gone from someone who was always rushing from one thing to the next, busy and overwhelmed, wanting to make more of a positive impact, but not sure how to get there - to creating more space and time in my life to really understand what was important to me. With mindset work I completely transformed my own life and this led me to train as a coach and co-found Everyday Impact - to make a difference in the lives of others, show them the powerful, life-changing mindset shifts that helped me, and help them create the space in their lives to discover what it is they truly care about to make a positive impact in the world.

As well as a Certified Life and Mindset Coach trained through The Life Coach School, I’m a motivational speaker, expedition leader and geoscientist, with a Masters in climate change solutions. I’ve also spent the last 11 years leading international teams on projects that aim to make a positive difference on climate change.


Meet Luke

From overcoming two life-threatening medical conditions to skiing 730 miles solo and unsupported to the South Pole, I’ve learned how with the right tools and approach, a mindset-shift helps you deal - not just deal with the day-to-day - but really to thrive in even the most challenging and unexpected situations. 

Building on this life experience with the truly life-changing and practical tools learned through my formal coach-training, I help purpose-driven people stop feeling overwhelmed and anxious to create more time and impact in their lives and work. 

I've applied these tools during over a decade working across finance and sustainability roles with The United Nations, start-ups and international corporations and I now coach and train planet-centred people and businesses.

Where Else Can You Find Us?


Alongside coaching, we also run Everyday Exploring; leading bespoke guiding expeditions, and offering motivational speaking and event hosting. From inspiring talks at schools and large businesses, to platforms such as TEDx and the BBC - we’re passionate about creating thought-provoking and highly relevant content, sharing our knowledge and experience with others to make a positive impact in their lives and the world.


We're honoured and proud to be Arctic Guides for the Polar Academy, Explorers in Residence at The Royal Scottish Geographical Society, and ambassadors for Marie Curie.