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Here's the thing - we both know you're a badass at what you do.

You know what needs to be done - the impact report, strategy updates, next year's plan.

It's just actually doing this bigger stuff that's the tricky part.

Because there always seems to be a Slack message, client email, another back-to-back meeting plus a zillion other urgent things to deal with first.

And of course when you do get round to doing them, it's all a bit rushed and last minute. 

(I get it, I've been there).

Here's how I can help

I'll teach you my brain-based planning tools so you'll know in each moment you're focusing on the most impactful things.

No more thinking "what should I be doing now?"

I'll also teach you mindset tools based on neuroscience and behavioural science.

You'll stop procrastinating, manage your emotions, build resilience, make impactful decisions and boost self confidence. 

You'll feel lighter, calmer and in control.

And you'll make the impact you know you can make. 

Work with me

"I see my family more, work fewer hours and ensure that for sports days and pivotal moments in my kids lives, that I’m there and they can trust I’ll be there.

I feel liberated from guilt (which I never knew was at the route of a lot of my thinking!). Mentally I am lighter, I am enabled to make much clearer decisions, the relationships I have both professionally and personally have improved markedly and that’s because I’m turning up more and more often as my best self.

I’m calmer, I’m more consistent and as a result I can be more supportive and compassionate to others – core values of mine - that were stuck in lieu of just doing a bit more work, or some more emails, or just trying to please others......[coaching has] freed my mind in order to be more rational, more calm, more objective and ultimately much more productive.

I really think that mindset coaching will be common place for everyone in the future, we seek happiness and meaning in our lives and we so often search the world around us in order to find that...when you can understand your own mind and take more ownership over your own life then the happiness and meaning starts to self-realise."

John McQuillan, General Manager, UK

"I have often had periods when I’ve felt stressed and overwhelmed at work. In these circumstances, I have often defaulted to people pleasing, working harder and finding ways to become ever more efficient, often at the expense of my personal life and happiness. I started working with Luke to deal with these challenges and try to get a better grasp on how I could prioritise and lead my own agenda at work.

It has been hugely rewarding. Mindset coaching has helped me to become much more self-aware, much better at focusing on what really matters and much better at organising my time to deliver tangible results.

I now work smarter, feel lighter, am able to think much more clearly and have set strong work-life boundaries that help me to recharge my batteries and be there (in mind and body!) for friends and family.

I feel more in control of my own destiny than I ever have before and am really looking forward to continuing on this exciting journey with Luke!"

Ben Wood, Senior UK Sustainability Manager, Arla Foods

We'll help you

Get More Done

Get everything on your to-do lists and want-to-do lists done in half the time. And have fun doing it. What could you do with that extra time each day?


Master Your Mindset

Learn the tools to create powerful mindset shifts that will reframe your thoughts, expand your mind, and create any result you want

Create and achieve your goals

Beat overwhelm with healthy, purpose-driven and sustainable goals, and find the courage, ambition and self-belief to make them happen



"I cannot recommend Hazel enough.

I run a small business and had recently split from my business partner. This resulted in myself and business being in limbo, running along but without progression or development.

The sessions I spent with Hazel have been pivotal in not only the growth of my business but me personally.

I am not influenced by decisions that happen out-with my control, I take a calm and organised approach when making decisions (noticeably calmer these days with less stress).

The positive difference has also be noted by those close to me.

Don't hesitate in reaching out to Hazel.

You won't regret it."

Keith McCrae, Founder, Breakout Recruitment, Netherlands


As Featured


"The webinar was a mindset watershed moment for me after the last 5 years of being busy being busy.

Even in the last 2 days it's been a game-changer. My calendar is reformed and aligned with my dreams/goals/priorities. My to-do list is no longer a monster!

The 7 steps, the motivational triad and CTFAR framework were great. I've recommended it to plenty of others, and I look forward to using these tools and coaching to perform at my best, while having space and energy for all the areas of my life, my family, my hobbies and dreams."

Paul, Business Owner (Coeus Energy) and dad of three


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1:1 Coaching

A one-to-one transformational coaching experience for purpose-driven people who want to master their mindset and create more time.

You’ll benefit from focused attention, support and accountability, while learning the precise tools you need to stop feeling overwhelmed and anxious, and get everything done in less time.


Thrive for Teams

Designed for high-performing, purpose-driven leaders and teams, this digital program blends the power of mindset coaching with simple, effective time and mindset tools.

Learn implement exactly what's required to help your team thrive, via our web-based training platform, with lifetime access to all materials


"I started coaching with Hazel when I was trying to juggle Covid-induced home-schooling, part time-freelancing, trying to be a good Mum, wife, daughter and moving house 3 times in 6 months. 

I wanted to stop the feeling of not being good enough, not getting enough done (work, family, me time) and always feeling rushed and disappointed in not achieving as much as I wanted to.

Working in sustainability, I also felt an increasing need to be more effective and to make a bigger positive difference and impact in all that I do.

Hazel helped me to identify and focus on my life priorities and gave me a structured approach that enabled me to take time out every day, to make sure that I was focussing my (precious!) time on my priorities and not on other insignificant yet time thirsty jobs! 

She also kept on reminding me, that we all have choices and that by recognising and disrupting existing patterns, by focusing my mind and sticking to something, my day could be so much more rewarding than always feeling bad for not doing enough and flitting between numerous things. 

I'm now more realistic with what I can / can't achieve and so don't set myself up for a fall before I’ve even started. 

I am more organised, procrastinate less and am more brave in putting myself out there and doing things which make me feel uncomfortable – which ultimately are the things that make us grow more and keep us all engaged, inspired and satisfied.  

I'm more effective, efficient and results-focused in my work, which has given me more time for myself, for family and the important things in life.

I feel more fulfilled and less stressed."

Olivia Knight-Adams, Freelance Sustainability Specialist, South Downs, England