How to bend time


Do you feel like there's never enough time?

I know I did.


Time is the most valuable resource we have.

We can't get more of it.

But, we can bend time.

By changing our experience of it.

And we do this by understanding what we're thinking.

Let me explain.


I used to believe there was never enough time - especially around a deadline.

And I'd feel panicked.

I'd jump between things - starting to review the proposal document, then replying to an email, then speaking to a colleague.

Not pausing. Not taking a minute to put a plan together.

Making poor decisions.

All while worrying about how little time there was.


All that jumping about really didn't help.

It just used up all my precious energy in indecision and worry.

Time had passed, the deadline was closer, yet I'd made no progress on the proposal.

All which reaffirmed my belief that there wasn't enough time.


But here's the thing: I'd created not enough time.


It wasn't the deadline.

Just my brain's story that "there's not enough time".

By believing my brain's story, I caused myself to feel panicked.

Which led me to spend time doing things that didn't move me forward.

I created not enough time by believing my story.

And so kept myself spinning in this loop of "there's never enough time".


So if your brain offers you the same thought of "there's not enough time".

Just know it's not the truth.

It's really your brain's opinion.

And it's completely optional.


Instead, try on the belief that "there's plenty of time"

How does that feel?

For me, it makes me feel calm and grounded.

And I know when I'm calm I make much better decisions.

I plan, I focus, I stay present and get one thing done at a time.


You can change your entire experience with time, just by shifting your mindset.

A single thought shift can bend time.

Try it.

There really is plenty of time.


Now, go make amazing decisions!

Hazel and Luke


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