How to fail in 3 simple steps

Often we shy away from failure.

At school we're taught how to get things "right."

Do this, don't do that, and you'll get an A.

(Definitely don't get an F!)


But this doesn't work in business and life where there's no instruction manual or how-to guide.


Instead we figure it out ourselves.

By trying things, failing.

Trying other things, failing.

Rinse and repeat until we succeed.


The more comfortable we can get with failure, the bigger goals we'll be willing to set.


In the free training below, I'll teach you a simple three-step process for how to fail:

  1. Take uncomfortable action
  2. Make fails = data + wins
  3. Review and adjust


Failing in this way will keep you moving forward so you don't get stuck spinning in mind drama.

And the more you continue to move forward, the easier (and more fun!) it will be to reach your goals. 


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