How to make the right decision

Do you sometimes struggle to make decisions?

So terrified of making the wrong decision that you go back and forth, or don't decide at all?

Or even when you do make a decision, you worry endlessly about whether or not it was the right one?

If this is you, it's ok. But just know how much time and mental energy it wastes.

Time and energy you're not spending on moving your business forward.


The simple way to stop this is to make the right decision.

And here's how:

  1. Make a decision
  2. Decide that the decision you made is the right one

That's it.


Because there's no such thing as a right decision, just the decision you make right.


There's not some magical scale in the world for assessing whether a decision is the right one.

The right decision isn't "out there" and you just have to keep searching for it until you find it.

No. You have the answer to whether a decision is the right one.

Because you get to decide that it is.

Then own your decision and trust yourself.


And when things don't go as expected or the outcome isn't quite what you anticipated, that's ok too.

That's business. And life.

It's pretty much guaranteed that things won't unfold in the perfect way our brains predict.

And so when that happens, you simply make another decision to adjust, decide it's the right one, and move forward.


Make a decision quickly, take action, test, adjust, make another decision quickly, take action, test, adjust.

Doing this saves you so much time because you're not staying stuck in mind drama, paralysed by the fear of making the wrong decision.

You know that whatever you decide is the right one, so you feel energised, take action, get results and adjust.

You know you'll figure it out.

And you'll reach your revenue or clients served or CO2-saved goals faster.


So if you find yourself worrying about making the wrong decision, just know there's no such thing as a wrong decision.

You get to decide every decision you make is the right one.

So trust yourself.

And practice making decisions quickly.

And you'll see just how much time and energy you save.

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