How to think like a leader

You love leading.

And you’re good at it.


As a leader, you also love using your amazing brain.

To think strategically.

To look ahead and problem solve.

To makes things simpler, more efficient, smoother.


But the majority of your time is spent doing tasks.

Your calendar is packed with back to back meetings.

You have barely any time to think or plan or reflect.

Except when you’re in the shower, or in bed trying to switch off.


You think that when you have time, then you’ll revisit the strategy.

When you get a bit of space, then you’ll think about how to over deliver to your clients.

When you have a free hour, then you’ll think about how to make that process simpler for your team.

Yet that spare time never seems to come.


Because the truth is, you have to create that time intentionally.

You have to carve it out for yourself, in advance.

Because no-one else will do it for you.

Make it non-negotiable.

Make it your most important time of the day.

Because it is.


We teach our clients how to do this.

We call it Focus Time.

And they plan in two hours of it.

Every single day.


Focus Time is where they do their highest level of thinking.

With no distractions or interruptions.

No ping or ring or buzz of modern life.

Just them and their brain.

Working at the highest level on their business.


This helps them show up as the leader they want to be.

This helps them feel unhurried and focused.

This helps them create more impact and revenue in less time.

Because they’re not down in the weeds doing busy work.


They’re thinking, planning, reflecting and creating.

Creating the business they’ve always dreamed of.

Making the most impact they can.

All while working less hours.


This is possible for you too.

Luke and Hazel

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