One thing at a time

How are you growing your business?

Is it from a place of urgency?


By saying yes quickly.

By saying yes to everything.

Because you're not sure what to say no to. 


Packing things into your day.

Meeting after meeting. Call after call. Event after event. 

Worried you’ll miss an opportunity.

Reacting to, instead of being selective with opportunities. 


And in doing so, you're missing the opportunity to do the important work.

The work that will actually help you scale your business. 


Urgency can be addictive. 

But, urgency costs you.

In time, energy and money.

Because you end up under-delivering.

To your clients. Your team. And yourself. 


In that rush, things get missed. Or have to be re-done.

Because you’ve not really thought about how much time things will take.

Or if it even needs to be done by you. Or by anyone.

You react to what your brain tells you is urgent.

Not what is actually important.


And when you’re thinking “I need to do this” and making decisions from urgency and rush, you’re not prioritising your downtime. 

You’re not prioritising the one thing that guarantees the success of your company. 



To grow your business sustainably, you need to make decisions from a place of calm focus.

Every commitment of your precious time made with intention and purpose.

So you know you’re working on the right things to move your business forward.


Being clear on your top priorities.

And letting everything else go.


Constraining your focus.

To one thing at a time.

Then doing that work until it’s done.


Being aware of your brain when it wants to do everything, immediately.

Being aware of when you’re making decisions from urgency, excitement or anxiety.

Being aware when you want to say yes quickly.


Then gently bringing yourself back to what's really important. 

To one thing at a time.

Focusing on that one thing until it’s done.

Creating thorough, well-thought out and high quality results. 

Day after day.

This is what you’ll master through time and mindset coaching.


You'll feel more present.

More balance and at ease.

Knowing you’re working on exactly what needs to be done.

And knowing you're growing a sustainable life and business that works for you.


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