Overwhelm is optional

Overwhelm is optional

You might think there’s so much to do when you glance at your to-do list and see 5 out of 17 crossed off.

Or when your inbox flashes up with 278 unread emails.

It probably feels very true to you that there’s so much.

That you’re just telling it like it is.

But here’s the thing: there's so much to do isn't a fact.

It’s a thought.

And it's causing your overwhelm.

Which is why you’re in the kitchen scrolling Instagram as you make your third cup of coffee in 30 minutes (instead of following up on the actions from that client meeting).

So of course you still have 12 unfinished items on your list and 278 unread emails.

It makes sense.

Overwhelm isn’t a useful emotion for getting things done.

It creates the opposite effect. When we’re overwhelmed we want to escape; to the kitchen or our phones.

But the overwhelm doesn’t have to be there.

It’s simply there because of your brain’s story about things on a list. Emails in an inbox.

And so you have a choice.

You can choose to see them simply as things.

Or emails.

And not add the 'so much' drama.

This is why managing your mindset is essential for managing your time.

When you separate out what’s factual and what’s mind drama, it’s easy to ditch the overwhelm.

So you waste less time building a caffeine habit and zoning out on Instagram, and have more time for trail runs with your dog, painting with your kids, catching up with friends at that new restaurant or wild swimming at the beach.

Overwhelm is optional.

So be onto your brain's drama when you feel it.

We help our clients overcome overwhelm. They describe feeling more grounded, calm and at ease, and they now get what they want to get done done without the drama. They now have so much more time to think strategically and creatively about their business and what they want to do with their precious, finite time.

And once you know how to do this, you know it for life.

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