The Decision Formula


Decisions move you - and your business - where you want to go.

And so decision-making is one of the most important skills you can master as an entrepreneur and leader.


Yesterday, in the monthly webinar for our coaching clients, I taught The Decision Formula - a simple three-step decision-making process.

I also covered the pitfalls I often see when it comes to making decisions.

For example: making them on default, without understanding how your mind is affecting your judgement.


Understanding your mind is key.

Because the quality of each decision you make is driven by how you think about the decision.


So high quality decision-making requires high quality thinking.


And you can’t do this if you’re making decisions from a heightened emotional state - like excitement or anxiety.

Because when emotions are high, judgement is low.

Your focus becomes very short-term and reactive.

And this isn’t where you want to be making long-term decisions for your business.


The three steps in the Decision Formula help overcome this - so you always know how your mind is influencing the decisions you make.

It helps you instead make high quality, intentional decisions from a place of calm.


Here are the three-steps:

  1. Gather information. This happens before you make the decision. You also want to know what your mind is doing and what emotional state you're in here.
  2. Make the decision. Once you have all the information you need, get yourself to a place where you’re feeling calm to make the decision. Then make it.
  3. Own the decision. This happens afterwards and is often the hardest part. This is why many leaders put off making decisions - the fear of it not working out how they expected and taking responsibility for the consequences. This step requires managing your mind and your emotions so you have your own back 100% no matter what happens. 


Within each of these steps, the process is broken down further into a series of sub-steps so you can easily make any decision. With coaching you'll get full access to this process and exactly how to do each of the three steps.


When you follow this process, you’ll stop putting off decisions, worrying about making the wrong decision or questioning yourself. 

Instead you'll make high quality, strategic decisions for your business from a place of calm. You'll help more people and make more impact.

Which is why you started your business in the first place.

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