The key mindset shift to create any goal



What we believe the most, we create.

Our thoughts drive how we feel, which fuels everything we do and don’t do, which ultimately create our results.


So to create any goal, you have to believe it is already created.

Not, I think I can do it.

Not, I’m going to try.

This creates uncertainty and half-hearted action.


Instead, believe: it’s done.


When we believe our goal is done, certainty is what fuels our actions.

We show up with an energy that propels us forward.

We don’t sit around waiting for something to happen.

We create it.


When I left the “safe” world of consulting to run Everyday Impact full time, I had no paying clients.

No evidence that the business would be successful.

No evidence I could make a living doing what I love.


Yet in my mind, I was so certain.

I wasn’t trying to create a business.

In my mind, the business was already created.

In my mind I was already helping so many people through coaching.

In my mind, I believed so deeply that people wanted to stop being busy and overwhelmed. That they wanted to stop acting on default and instead live an intentional life, with space in their days and energy to set amazing goals for themselves.


And this fuelled me.

It was like leaping off a cliff and creating my own parachute on the way down.

I showed up with certainty.

That this is what I do now.

This is who I am.


And this created the business we have today.

One where we help so many inspiring people change the world.

One where we get to set our own schedule and holidays.

One where we can live near the mountains we love.


Think about a goal you're working towards (if not, create one!)

Spend a couple of minutes now really imagining you’ve already achieved it.

You're the person who’s already got the result.

Feel it deeply within yourself.

Feel that as your identify.


Now, from that place, what one action can you take to move you towards it?

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