The PPER process to make better decisions

Making decisions uses a lot of mental energy.

Too many decisions leads to increasingly poor decisions.

It gets harder to override the part of our brain that just wants to do the easy thing.

Which takes us further away from doing what's important.

I remember this so clearly.

So many times throughout my day I'd ask myself “what should I do now?”

I was constantly deciding.

I always put off the "hard" things (like my tax return, which I submitted 2 hours before the deadline!).

And instead did more admin tasks.

By deciding to do the easy things in the moment, I ended up making life much harder for myself.

And I just accepted that’s what life was like.

What I was like.

I had no idea there was another way.

Through coaching, I learned how my brain works, how to manage it, and how to make decisions ahead of time.

Now, I plan my entire week in an hour, at the start of the week.

I know exactly what I’m focusing on in every moment.

It feels so light and freeing.

To know that I’ve already decided that this is my focus.

The mental energy freed up by planning in advance is hard to explain, until you've experienced it.

And we love sharing this with our clients.

They say it's utterly game changing.

How they can’t believe they didn’t know this before.

They get more done, in less time, while feeling a deep sense of calm.

This is totally possible for you too.

To do this, follow the PPER process for your week:

👉 Step 1: Prioritise. What's the main result you want to create this week?
👉 Step 2: Plan. Decide in advance what you're doing. Then put it on your calendar.
👉 Step 3: Execute. Follow your plan. Do what you say you'll do. And be kind to yourself if you don't.
👉 Step 4: Review. What worked and what didn't? What will you change for next week?

Apply the PPER process to stop making decisions in the moment.

And feel the freedom that comes with it.

Hazel delivered a free training covering this exact process. Watch a replay of the training here:

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