The side effects of coaching

Our clients work with us so they can feel more in control of their time and grow the impact of their business.

All with a greater work-life balance.

They work with us to feel less anxious and overwhelmed. To be less reactive and stop putting things off. To make better decisions.

They work with us to feel calm and present no matter what’s going on around them. To stop worrying about what other people think.

And to become more of the business leader they want to be.


And so we deliver these results for our clients through our step-by-step private coaching process over six months.

Our clients take full responsibility for their time and plan their weeks in advance. They make decisions ahead of time.

They focus. They think. They fully understand how their mind works and feel calm and present in any moment.

They decide who they want to be and show up as that leader every single day.


With coaching, there are also strategic side effects; benefits beyond what our clients came for.

Because we have one brain with us in every aspect of our life.

It has the same thought patterns as we go about our days.

And so how we do anything is how we do everything.


When our clients get results in one area of their lives, they also create strategic side effects they never even imagined possible when they signed up for coaching.

Strategic side effects they hadn't even dreamed about.

And now they have them. They've created them.

Simply by coaching on their time.


We have a huge list of these strategic side effects, too big to put in one email.

So here's a small selection of some of them.

Our clients have:

  • Saved £1000/mo every single month simply by taking ownership of their spending and deciding intentionally what they wanted to spend their money on. That's £1000/mo they're saving for life.
  • Secured a double promotion by believing in themselves, showing up fully as themselves at work and playing to their strengths.
  • Cycled over 75km in one go - their furthest ever - by setting a goal and sticking to it no matter what.
  • Better relationships with their kids as they’re fully present, more playful and take greater joy in the small moments.
  • More time with their kids because they’re no longer logging back in after dinner to send emails or catching up on work at the weekend.
  • Better relationships with their partners because they’re more open, more patient and show up more as themselves in their partnership.
  • Worked remotely from the mountains by no longer putting off a dream they’d always had.
  • Lost over a stone in weight by prioritising time for exercise and prepping food in advance.
  • Stopped drinking during the week by making a decision and sticking to it. They're now saving money, are more rested and show up better as a leader.
  • More energy because they’re prioritising exercise, rest and taking care of themselves rather than working longer hours.

All of these things are possible for you too.

Because when you change one area of your life, everything else changes too.

These results compound. Our clients' lives are richer and more vibrant than they ever imagined possible, simply because they committed to do the work on themselves.

Simply because they decided they were willing to go all in and make a change in one area.

Simply because they decided to stop being overwhelmed.

What strategic side effects could you create?


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