The single most important skill I've learned

The single most important skill I’ve learned, that’s helped me create more impact while working less, is this:

Consistently doing things that in the moment I can’t be bothered doing.


These could be tasks that require focus - like drafting our hiring and training process, or creating our purchasing policy.

Or activities that require energy to start - like going for a run when it’s raining and my brain says "just stay in bed."


My clients master this skill too.

They understand exactly how their brain works and why it does what it does.

And so they spot excuses. And stop listening to them.


They stop putting off important things.

Things that are hard. Things that are boring.

They do them all.


They’re not on their phones scrolling LinkedIn or suddenly in their inbox unaware they’d opened it.

Because they know what they do in this exact moment matters.

That how they’re spending their time today adds up to create their life.


So they prioritise their own rest and wellbeing - finishing work when they said they would, not logging on again after dinner, going to the gym even when they get invited to another meeting at the same time.

They get that budget spreadsheet finished early, without rushing. So their team can review it in plenty of time.

They don't put off that hard conversation about expectations with their newest hire.


They stop making excuses.

Which creates a deep trust in themselves.

They know that when they say they'll do something, they’ll do it.


And by consistently practicing this - every hour, day, week - they build discipline.

They stop wasting time putting off important things.

And so they create more impact in their business. Whether that’s helping more people or saving more CO2.

All while working less hours.


If you find yourself regularly putting things off, it’s totally normal.

I used to do this. My clients used to do this.

You have a human brain that will find ALL the reasons not to do something. And it can be very convincing.

But doing the hard and boring stuff is a skill that anyone can learn.

I know because I've learned it. And now I teach it to my clients.


It starts with practicing a few simple steps.

  1. Decide in advance what you want to get done
  2. Do ONLY those things
  3. Hear all the excuses your brain offers you, but don’t act on them


That’s it.


For my coaching clients, I cover this in step-by-step detail in online training videos. They master the PPER process (prioritise, plan, execute, review) for getting the important things done, even when they don’t want to.


And the best part?

That feeling of satisfaction they have at the end of each day.

Feeling in control and on top of things.

Knowing they did the hard stuff even when they couldn’t be bothered. Knowing they didn't listen to their brain's excuses.


And when they look back over their week in the review part of the PPER process, they can’t believe how much they’ve created. How much they’ve moved their business forward in only a few days.

All with less effort and no evenings of work.


Doing the hard stuff and the boring stuff is worth it.

It feels amazing.

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