This is what builds success

Small moments matter.

Your brain will tell you they don't, but they do.


Small moments, like:

  • Doing what's on your calendar even though you don't want to. Whether that's documenting your company's on-boarding process or reviewing last year's accounts.
  • Showing up for meetings and calls on time, fully prepared, present and ready to add value.
  • Giving people and yourself your full attention, without being on your phone or checking emails.
  • Going for that run you said you would, even though it's now raining and you'd rather watch Netflix.
  • Taking your lunch break and stepping away from your computer for a walk.
  • Saying no to an "urgent" meeting request, when you've already carved out the time for thinking about business strategy.
  • Shutting down your computer when you said you would and having dinner with your family, even when there are five emails you could "just reply to now."


Every time you honour your word to yourself, you build trust with yourself.

These small moments matter because you're saying "I'm important", "my decisions matter", "I do what I say I'll do."

When you build trust with yourself you show up fully for yourself.

And you show up fully for others too.


Success isn't built in grandiose gestures and major decisions.

Success is built in these small moments.

Because how you do anything is how you do everything.

These small moments add up to your life.


Coaching is all about zooming in on these small moments.

We help our clients see what's going on in their minds, and how these small things add up.

And once they start trusting themselves that they'll do what they say they'll do, even when they can't be bothered, they start trusting themselves that their opinions matter, that their wellbeing matters, that their thinking time matters.

And they show up in a much bigger way to create the impact and life they want.


In the day to day they feel in control and at ease.

Because they have this deep trust in themselves.

They know they'll follow through on their word and commitment.

And so they trust themselves to set bigger and bigger goals.

Because they know their dreams matter. And they know they won't give up on them.

They show as more of themselves. As the leader they want to be.


How you do anything is how you do everything.

So pay attention to the small moments and seemingly small decisions you're making whether to do - or not to do - something.

Are you making excuses for why you're not doing something or don't have the results you want?

Or are you just getting on with it, doing what you said you'd do, setting boundaries, honouring your word to yourself and becoming the leader you want to be, one small moment at a time?


Be onto your brain when it offers you excuses like "it's hard", "I don't want to", "I can't be bothered", "it doesn't really matter."

It does matter.

You matter.

Your business and life matters.


So ditch the excuses. 

And you'll create the life and business you want.

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