Time and effort isn't what creates impact

Working longer hours doesn't produce better results for your clients.

Working harder doesn't increase the impact of your business.

Because time and effort isn’t what creates results in your business.

It's your thinking that does.


The quality of your thinking matters.

Low quality thinking produces low quality results.

High quality thinking produces high quality results.


For example, thinking "there's so much to do" creates overwhelm, which leads to procrastination.

Whether that's checking your emails, scrolling on instagram or grabbing another cup of coffee.

Overwhelm also leads to rushing, not focusing on one thing at a time and not prioritising.

Which means it probably took longer to produce the proposal for that client.


And it's not likely to be your best work.

Because work you create from overwhelm is rushed and unplanned.

You're more likely to miss things and make mistakes.

But only because you believed the low quality thought "there's so much to do."


And most importantly, throwing more time and effort at it won't produce a better proposal if your underlying thought is low quality.

Which is why understanding your mindset is crucial.


The reverse is also true.

High quality thinking produces high quality results.


For example, thinking "I'm going to overdeliver to this client" creates determination and gets your brain going to work.

You're more likely to narrow in on the client's exact problem and how you can solve it simply.

You'll prioritise the most important parts of the proposal and cut out the fluff.

Your decisions will be measured and thoughtful. You'll slow things down.

And the proposal you produce will be much higher quality.

Because your thinking was higher quality.


This applies to every single aspect of your business. 

From proposals, to revenue, to customer feedback, to CO2 saved, to trees planted.

High quality thinking = high quality results.


Which is good news!

Because to create more impact with your business, you don’t have to work harder.

Or longer hours.


You create more impact simply by thinking higher quality thoughts in your business.


So tune in to what you're thinking in your business.

Is it low quality or high quality?

What might it be creating for you?


Here are some high quality thoughts to try on:

  • How can I create the biggest impact?
  • How could I create this revenue with less effort?
  • How could I make this more simple?


Have a great afternoon! 

Luke and Hazel

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