What to do with negative thoughts

One of the first things we teach our clients is this: you are not your thoughts.

So - you know all those mean things your brain says to you?

They’re not in any way connected to you as a person.

Nope, not one bit.


I'll explain why, but first - what is a thought exactly?

A thought is simply a sentence in your brain.

And as humans, our brain offers us over 6000 of these sentences.

Every single day.


Think of it like a conveyor belt of thoughts - another one, another, another.


This conveyor belt of thoughts is not you.

They’re just your brain interpreting things in the world.

Which it does with a negativity bias.

Meaning: it’s always going to look for the worst case (ever finished a presentation and immediately thought about all the things you didn’t say? Yup, that’s the negativity bias).


Your brain does this for a simple reason: to keep you safe.

It evolved to scan the savannah for danger and it still does this danger scanning today.

What's crazy is we have the same emotional response of anxiety or fear whether it's a lion or an investor meeting.

This more primitive part of our brain just hasn't caught up to our modern society.

So it's up to us to know that anxiety doesn't necessarily mean run away.


And so just know that your brain will offer you a lot of negative thoughts - a conveyor belt of them - to keep you out of perceived danger.

These negative thoughts are completely normal - your brain is just doing what it has evolved to do.


Let me give you an example.

If your brain offers you the thought “I’m not good enough” - you might believe it’s true.

And then your clever brain will go to work finding all the evidence to back that up.

Complaint from a client? Yup, I must not be a good enough business owner.

Employee handed in their notice? Not a good enough leader.

Missed something in that presentation to investors? See - means I’m not good enough at presentations.

Our brains do this because they like to prove they’re right. This is confirmation bias - finding evidence for what we already believe to be true.


So by believing these crappy negative thoughts your brain offers you, you essentially prove it true.

Which your brain loves.

Because if you believe you’re not good enough, you’re less likely to put yourself out there and take risks.

You’ll stay where you are - nice, same and familiar.

But never fully realising just what you’re capable of - or the impact you could make in the world.


We teach our clients how to watch their conveyor belt of thoughts and ignore the ones that aren’t helpful using a simple but life-changing mindset tool.

So they stop feeling anxious and overwhelmed. Instead, feeling calm and present.

They watch the conveyor belt of thoughts go past without much more than an “oh, ha - that’s interesting - I see what you’re doing there, brain.”

And then go back to what they’re doing.


They waste so little time being stuck in mind drama or going back and forth on decisions.

They take consistent action even when it feels scary - like reaching out to people, delivering impactful presentations at conferences, saying no to things when their default is yes, delegating more.

And the life they have now is unrecognisable from when they started this work.


They're no longer working evenings and weekends - instead spending time with their family or doing yoga. They're fully switching off on holiday - not checking emails or even thinking about work. They’re spending more time thinking strategically in their business, rather than reacting. They're more calm and present at work and so their team is more motivated and engaged. They're getting everything they want done well in advance. Nothing is urgent or rushed any more - everything is well planned and executed. They're not feeling stressed or anxious. They’re the leader they want to be - compassionate, empowering, engaging and inspiring - always leading by example.

And this is just the beginning for them.


All because they stopped making the conveyor belt of thoughts mean anything about them.


This is possible for you, too.

Mastering this skill will change every single part of your life.

You’ll stop holding yourself back from things that feel scary.

You’ll stop putting off investing in yourself and your business.

And you’ll start creating the business and life that you want - where you’re making a bigger impact, helping people, leaving a legacy in your short time on this planet - all while working in a way that feels good for you - whether that’s three-day weekends or working from the mountains.


Our minds are the filter through which we see and interact with the world.

They're the most powerful tool we have.

Yet they don’t come with an instruction manual.

We never get taught how they work or how to use them to help us instead of holding us back.


But we've got that instruction manual - a simple neuroscience-based tool that's been tried and tested by thousands of people who've created incredible results.

And we can't wait to share it with you.

This is the most important work you'll ever do.

And there's no better time than right now to get started.

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