Why you're overwhelmed

Do you ever feel overwhelmed?

Of course you do - you're a human with a human brain.

Nothing has gone wrong.


Our brains loooove to keep us stuck in overwhelm.

With thought loops spinning through our heads.

Grabbing another cup of coffee, jumping between our emails and other tasks.

Not doing very much.


Because if we're stuck in overwhelm then we're not taking action.

We're not doing new things that feel scary to our brain.

We're just staying where we are.

Which feels lovely and safe, nice and cosy to our brain.


But staying where you are isn't going to change the world.

Staying where you are isn't going to make a dent in some of the biggest challenges of our time.


You've got important work to do.

You've got change to drive forward. 

People to bring alongside.

Minds to shift.


Overwhelm isn't going to get you there.

Action is.


So how do you move from overwhelm to action?

The first step is always awareness: to understand why you're overwhelmed.


And it's always down to the story your brain is telling you.

Maybe you've got some things going on and your brain leaps to "there's too much to do"

That's what's causing the overwhelm. 

That sentence in your brain.

That story.


Things you've got going on are just that: things.

Items on your calendar are just that: items.

That's not what's causing the overwhelm.

It's what your brain is making those things mean.


Which is great news as once you have awareness, you can change it.

How you think about whatever is going on is your superpower.


So if you're feeling overwhelmed, just pause.

Take some deep breaths.

And become aware of the story your brain is telling you.

It's just that. A story.

That's what's causing the overwhelm.

That's what's stopping you from taking action.


Then, ask yourself - what one thing could you focus on?

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