You're avoiding what you want

Do you know what the biggest dream stealer is?

It's this: “I’ll do it when…” 


It's thinking that you’ll wait until some magical point in the future when you’ll have plenty of spare time.

100% clarity on cash flow and contracts.

And no stress.

That at this point, then you’ll finally be ready to invest in yourself and get to work on those dreams.


But “I’ll do it when…” is just a lie your brain spins.

To delay taking action now. 


Because taking action now is scary. 

Creating the business and life you want is scary.

It requires you to do things you’ve never done before.

With guaranteed discomfort plus a hefty chance of failure.


And these are things your brain is hard-wired to avoid.


So of course it convinces you to wait until that “perfect” time in the future.

To keep you doing what you’ve always done.

Which is nice and safe and familiar. 


But here’s the thing: that perfect time never comes.

Because even in the future, it’ll still feel scary to commit to something you’ve never done before.


So your brain will always find another reason to delay.

And you’ll keep putting off creating the business you want.

Making more impact without the rush, stress or anxiety.

Having spaciousness in your days, taking long walks in the woods, being fully present at dinner. 


When you think about it, there's never a better moment than this one to stop putting off your dreams.

To change the whole trajectory of your future.

You have power right now to make a decision to change. 


Yes it’s scary.

Yes it’s uncomfortable.

But this is why you do it.

Because you’re willing to trade short term discomfort for the long term satisfaction of knowing you laid everything out, went all in and created the business and life you wanted.


There’s magic in discomfort.

Embrace it.


What scary decision could you make for yourself and your business today that would move you towards the future you want?

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