Your MOST important meeting of all

What counts as an important meeting?


One with investors, a client, the Board?

Now, think about how you show up to these important meetings.

Probably on time, well prepared and fully present.

Because you know there are consequences if you don’t.


But, what really matters is how you show up to the most important meetings of all.

Those meetings where no one else is around.

Where no one is asking for anything.

Those meetings between just you and you.


Whether it's going to that spin class or finishing that investor proposal.

Having your full lunch break or spending time thinking how to get the best out of your team.

Every time you do what you said you would - every time you focus rather than scrolling on your phone

You build trust with yourself.


You're saying to yourself "my time is important".

And every-time you're not, you're valuing someone else's time over your own.


This adds up over time.

Because how you do anything is how you do everything.

So build that integrity with yourself. Be accountable to yourself.

Even when no one else is watching.

You're watching.

And you matter.


So show up to any meeting with yourself like it's the most important meeting of all.

Because it is.


Luke and Hazel

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